My rescued animals

So-called "farm animals" can be saved in various ways. The most obvious possibility is the direct rescue from the stalls of the owners. This way only a few animals escape their fate, but the actions have important symbolic and political value.

The mass rescue of animals, however, takes place relatively unspectacular, namely by the reduction of demand for "animal products". A very effective way is to inform omnivorous people about the ethics of consuming animals and their "products" and to lead them to the logical conclusion of a vegan lifestyle. Ethically motivated vegans do not only completely switch to alternatives, but also inspire their environment, are often active themselves and inspire again others to become vegan.

This self-reinforcing, exponential effect is an integral part of the calculator that calculates the potentially rescued animals of an activist. It can be set via the slider Average period in which a vegan inspires an omnivore to live vegan.

An important factor of the exponential effect is also theĀ Calculation Period. On the one hand, it determines the number of self-reinforcing cycles and, on the other hand, how many years a new vegan consumes no more "animal products". If the exponential effect is considered, e.g. for 25 years and she/he becomes vegan, e.g. within 10 years, not consumed animals and "animal products" are calculated for this person only for 15 years. The maximum settable period of calculation is 30 years, since due to the exponential effect, a change in values and the climate catastrophe, it can be assumed that by the middle of the century there will hardly be any demand or supply for "animal products".

The exponential effect is somewhat mitigated by the General consumption decline. By increasingly interchangeable plant and cultivated alternatives to "animal products", it is expected that the consumption - usually unconscious - continues to decline. This factor can be set individually per animal or "animal product".

The calculation of the exponential effect 'x' is based on the following linear recurrence system:

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c = average period in which a vegan inspires an omnivore to become vegan

p = calculation period

d = 1 = general consumption decline

n = self-reinforcing cycles