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See footprint in pictures: Dominion (english)

Change to a vegan diet: 4-week Challenge | 7-day Challenge

Rescue animals: Activists for the Victims | The Save Movement | Direct Action Everywhere | Animal Rebellion


The area "My consumed animals" can also be used for outreach, e.g. in the following scenario:

  • An animal rights organisation or group has a stand at a demo or festival.
  • A sign is attached to the stand saying: "Calculate your individual animal footprint" (see download).
  • Interested people can enter their estimated animal footprint in a questionnaire (see download).
  • An outreacher clicks with a tablet through the calculator for consumed animals.
  • The result is either entered in the questionnaire or printed out.
  • The outreacher explains the vegan lifestyle and gives tips.

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We look forward to hearing from you about your ideas, suggestions for improvement, cooperation and support. 

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